SuperBeam for PC Windows 7/8/10 Laptop Latest Download

Transferring files using SuperBeam for PC is important now. Now you might be using this application or already using this application on your smartphone. But did you know that you can also use SuperBeam on a Windows computer? We will give you answers to that question.

Basically SuperBeam is no different from applications of its kind, such as the Shareit, Zapya, and Xender applications. The only difference is that SuperBeam is a paid application. It does provide several days of trial. Use the free trial day if you want to know more about this application itself.

SuperBeam for PC

Unlike other applications, SuperBeam allows you to transfer files using NFC and Wifi Direct. Some reports say that it can transfer up to 60Mbps. This is faster than offered by other applications. Most of them can only transfer up to 20Mbps. So, if you want to try SuperBeam, you can follow the instructions in this article.

Features of Superbeam App

  1. Share all types of files
  2. The transfer speed is amazingly fast because it uses direct wifi
  3. Save a history of all data transferred
  4. Automatically switches to hotspot mode for devices that don’t support direct wifi
  5. Easy pairing to devices using NFC scanning or QR codes.
  6. You can share many files at once
  7. Several ways to connect devices
  8. An accessible and easy to use interface
  9. if the QR or NFC code doesn’t work, you can enter the sharing key manually to pair

How to Download and Install Superbeam for PC

  1. Go to the BlueStacks official website to get a copy of BlueStacks for Windows. You can also use the download link here: Download the BlueStack Installer.
  2. Wait for the installation to finish. Please be patient because this file is quite large. Having a slow connection can make it finish longer.
  3. Double click on the installer file after the download is complete.
  4. You will see the BlueStacks icon on your desktop when the installation is complete. Click to run the application.
  5. Enter your Google account to complete setup at BlueStacks.
  6. Let BlueStacks run in the background and download the SuperBeam APK file from the link above.
  7. Double click on the SuperBeam APK file to start the installation. You can also drag and drop files to BlueStacks.
  8. You can find the SuperBeam icon on the BlueStacks dashboard. Click to run the application.

Final Words

That’s all about SuperBeam for PC. This application is a great option for you to transfer files between two devices wirelessly. It’s fast and easy to use. We know that this application will be very useful for you. Unfortunately, this application is not completely free to use. That is the weakness of this application. You have to buy it to use all the application’s features.

If you can’t afford SuperBeam, you can use Shareit, Xender, or Zapya as an alternative. These applications are also great at transferring files, like SuperBeam. So far, we have not found a reason to call this application the best application for file transfer. That’s what we can say about this application.

However, that is only our opinion. You might have a different experience with SuperBeam for Windows PCs. You can share your thoughts with us so we know this application from a different perspective. thank you for reading

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