XVR Pro for PC

XVR Pro for PC – This application manages home or office-installed spy cameras. You can view live video footage of the cam on your Android computer using the XVR App. Also known as this software is one of the best video monitoring devices that monitor DVR from anywhere in the world. Require no wires or cables. Only plug-in and play, and use the app.

XVR Pro for PC

About XVR Pro

This app shows live video surveillance from the camera in HD quality. Along with it includes features like Video Recording and Playback. This feature records all camera videos and allows the user to play the previous camera video. In addition, it includes support for PTZ control. Means you can view cam videos with Pan, Tilt. and Zoom controls. View the camera footage in Landscape or Portrait mode to your liking.

Furthermore, the XVR Pro application allows users to communicate with such applications as intercom devices. In this case the camera will be one device, and the software will be the other device. Only cameras that support talkback audio function on this app. When you record something strange in the video you will be informed in the app immediately. The XVR Pro software also features a motion detector, in addition to that. If you sense motion you will receive real-time notification.

XVR Pro features

  1. The app is free to download and use, there are no hidden fees or patents applied.
  2. The video quality is as good as IP Webcam for PC streaming quality.
  3. No registration or registration needed, just plug and play.
  4. Can be used in every region if you have internet connection.
  5. Videos can be streamed on WiFi and Cellular data.
  6. This application automatically manages the device no need for manual configuration.
  7. Built-in snapshot option with quick sharing on WhatsApp and other applications.
  8. QR code technology for installation of more than one device.
  9. For better experience and usage, download XVR Pro for PC or other large screen.

How to Install XVR Pro for PC

  1. First, you will need to download the Bluestack or nox Android emulator.
  2. After downloading, now install the Bluestack emulator on your PC.
  3. After installing the emulator on your PC. You need to set up your Google Account.
  4. A Google account is required to download the XVR Pro App on PC and other Android Apps on PC.
  5. Now open the PlayStore application in the emulator. Click search and type XVR Pro.
  6. Select the XVR Pro app from the search results.
  7. Click the Install button and then Accept the XVR Pro App installation.
  8. Now go to Home and you will see the XVR Pro application on the home bluestack.
  9. Enjoy the XVR Pro application.

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That is all. Hope this article can help you. If you’re reading this, it means you’re running XVR Pro on a PC laptop. If you have any questions please write a comment below and we will help you.

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